Alternative Facts and Why Size Matters-Period. Jan 22. 2017

Today we learned from Trump aide Conway that WH press secretary Spicer used “alternative facts” aka lies to explain why the inauguration had more in attendance than Obama’s inauguration–regardless of the constant facts, photos and analysis from crowd scientists.


Thanks to the press conference, memes of Spicer claiming other alternative facts as true, blew up the interwebs when Twitter feeds went wild.

Meanwhile, the days previous protests–not only in DC but around the world–became the largest protest in US history with more than 2 million peaceful protestors–much more than the previous days events and the “yuge” inauguration of the dear leader.


So what did we learn? Apparently size does matter–at least to Trump.


We also found out that Trump won’t release his tax returns ever, NAFTA is officially going to be “renegotiated” and Madonna might blow up the White House.

Exciting times we live in. Let’s hope they don’t get Madonna too excited.



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